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Trevigen, Inc. is a rapidly growing biotechnology company focused on the development of technologies pertaining to apoptosis, DNA damage and repair, and genetic variability analysis. Founded in 1992, Trevigen has developed a successful research products business providing new products for the detection and characterization of DNA damage, genetic variations including mutations and polymorphisms, DNA repair, and programmed cell death. Trevigen-brand research products are marketed via the internet, catalog, journal advertising, direct mail, and telemarketing. Trevigen also has in place supply agreements with major government and university medical research centers. The company is the recipient of several SBIR Phase I grants from the National Institutes of Health, concerning technology development for the analysis of DNA damage and genetic variability. Trevigen has is invented and patented technology for the detection of foreign DNA, DNA mutations and polymorphisms. The technology is called MIDAS (Mutation Identification DNA Analysis System). Trevigen has also developed technology for two approaches for the detection of DNA damage: the CometAssay and FLARE (Fragment Length Analysis by Repair Enzymes)