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ProSci offers a broad catalogue of over 23,000 research reagent products. Their own in-house labs and animal facilities (USDA licensed and NIH/OLAW assured) are located in the US and provide an extensive array of antibody services. ProSci provides its customers with practical experience, innovative products, competitive pricing, high-quality research tools, and customised services. Established in 1998, ProSci is a reliable partner with over 15 years of serving the research community globally.

Axil Scientific Pte Ltd distributes ProSci products in Singapore and is there to support you 100% of the way.


ProSci products include primary antibodies and antibody related reagents for research applications in the life science research community, biotech and pharmaceutical industries. Providing high performance products and customer satisfaction are the primary goals of ProSci.

***Sample sizes*** Some antibodies are available in sample sizes (50 µg) to simplify the antibody validation process for you by providing access to smaller aliquot sizes for testing.

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ProSpec-Tany TechnoGene Ltd

ProSpec-Tany TechnoGene Ltd is an Israeli Biotechnology company that has over 13 years of experience specializing in production of E.coli-derived recombinant human cytokines and growth factors, as well as Chemokines, Hormones and Viral Antigens. Lately a wide range of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies has been added to the list.

ProSpec-Tany TechnoGene Ltd. has the technology and experience in bulk production (from microgram to gram quantities) of E.coli-derived recombinant human cytokines, growth factors, monoclonal anti-cytokine and chemokine antibodies. The company's proprietary protein purification technologies developed over the years gave them an edge over the competition resulting from low production costs, high yield and production efficiency.

Its reputation for quality is an essential factor in achieving a favorable position in the market place and the benefits associated with manufacturing top quality products. Every batch is strictly tested to meet the tough requirements of clinical grade Bio-Pharmaceuticals.

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Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc

Leading worldwide source for research antibody and siRNA products.

Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc. is focused on the ongoing development of research antibodies. Its goal is to continue to offer the broadest range of research reagents in the field.

Santa Cruz provide superior, innovative primary antibodies and support products and has the highest commitment to quality and customer service.

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SCHOTT Nexterion

SCHOTT Nexterion, a leading supplier of microarray solutions for all DNA and protein microarray applications, was established as a new unit by SCHOTT in 2002 as part of its operations expansion in the biochip market.

SCHOTT Nexterion uses two different types of glass for microarray substrates that are produced in the microscope slide format. Both glass types are borosilicate glasses that offer you high chemical resistance, low auto-fluorescence, and an excellent flatness. All slides are laser-cut to reduce the risk of surface contamination.

It is SCHOTT Nexterion's goal to assure that you are provided with the best microarray consumables to ensure reliable and reproducible scientific experiments. For this reason, all SCHOTT Nexterion products must fulfill extremely high quality and uniformity requirements. Stringent control over all process steps from initial glass production through the final packaging is being maintained. In addition, SCHOTT Nexterion offers extensive technical application support for all DNA and protein microarray assays.

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ScyTek Laboratories, Inc

Since the company was founded in 1991, ScyTek has continued to grow at a rapid rate as a result of commitment to continuous improvement of each and every product line.

In addition, aggressive pricing through vigilant cost containment and continuous improvements in efficiency combined with commitment to quality have helped to foster strong customer bonds.

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Signalway Antibody Co Ltd

Phospho-specific Antibodies Specialist!

Signalway Antibody Co.,Ltd (SAB) is a premier biotechnological company that develops and manufactures rabbit polyclonal and mouse monoclonal antibodies specific to phosphorylated proteins and innovative tools for studying protein phosphorylation in cell signal transduction and cell functions.

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The world of medicine is shifting from the traditional “one size fits all” approach to one where the genetic profile of patients is used to make the most effective clinical decisions for individual patients – a concept known as Personalized Medicine.

Personalized Medicine is a new important driver for the polymerase market. Personalized Medicine tries to tailor medical diagnostics and treatments to the individual characteristics of the patients, i.e., their genetic repertoire.

Automated systems for sequencing DNA or spot-checking for genetic variation at low costs are essential to progress in both research and clinical applications, and this is pushing forward the need for new polymerases adapted to the so called Next Generation Sequencing equipments.

In particular, SYGNIS’ polymerases enable a wide range of applications for DNA amplification, repair, sequencing, detection and modification of genetic targets of clinical value. The company is thus ideally suited to play a major part in the global effort to discover the genetic markers of disease, and their cost effective detection, in individual patients to deliver optimized treatments.
SYGNIS at a glance

SYGNIS is a German-Spanish stocklisted company devoted to the development of novel, superior tools for molecular biology that play key roles in changing the way genomic and proteomic research is done today. Demand for such tools is high in the fast-growing DNA and protein analysis markets.

SYGNIS has developed a well balanced product portfolio based on proprietary technology:

  • The flagship product is SensiPhi®/QualiPhi®, a novel DNA polymerase licensed to QIAGEN. SensiPhi® (formerly QualiPhi®) is a superior version of Phi29 DNA polymerase used for amplifying very small amounts of DNA. This is a key entry point needed to make samples accessible for downstream analyses such as sequencing or hybridization techniques and used in areas such as genetic counseling, pathology, forensics, and research.
  • Next to this the company is developing a revolutionary new DNA Primase / Polymerase and proteomic techniques that enable novel screening assays and protein-protein interaction research (Double Switch).


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Toyobo was founded in 1882 as a textile company, when it began its spinning and textile business. We continued to adapt to the changing needs of the times, drawing on our core technologies in polymerization, modification, processing and biotechnology to expand our business fields and develop the kind of high-performance products. The Toyobo Group seeks to become a manufacturer of high-function products, continuously creating new value by enhancing their core technologies. We distribute TOYOBO's Bioproducts for Life Science. These include High performance enzymes that include high success-rate, high fidelity and high efficiency DNA polymerases (KOD DNA polymerases), and reagents for Site-directed mutagenesis. Other reagents include enzymes and reagents for molecular biology applications.


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TransGen Biotech, Inc. is a researcher, developer, manufacturer and distributor of more than 200 molecular and cellular biology products and kits for life science research and molecular diagnostics. In 2001, the company was founded by three scientists with a mission to produce innovative and cost-effective products for life science research.

In March 21,2006, TransGen Biotech was incorporated in Beijing, China. The company’s headquarter, R&D, and manufacturing facility are located in Beijing. To date, the company has more than 100 biologists in Beijing, and has more than 30 distribution centers covering all major cities in China. Our extensive R&D experience and state-of-the-art facilities enable us to keep generating the most innovative and the highest quality products. In 2006,  2009 and 2012, the company was consecutively awarded as one of the “High Tech Corporation in Beijing” by Beijing local government. In 2015, TransGen achieved ISO9000 and ISO13485 Accredited Certifications.

Currently, our products cover: plasmid based DNA markers, high efficiency chemically competent cells, 5 minutes PCR product cloning and expression vectors, a variety of PCR enzymes and supermix, RNase H deficient and high temperature RT enzymes, qPCR and qRT-PCR supermix, the highest efficiency mutagenesis kits, high quality nucleic acid extraction and purification kits, unstained and prestained protein markers, western blot markers, and protein purification resins, cell culture and transfection reagents, antibodies.

As the leading bioreagent company in China, we are looking forward to partner with you in your quest for ground-breaking life science discovery.

TransGen,Accomplish life science dream of China!




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Trevigen, Inc. is a rapidly growing biotechnology company focused on the development of technologies pertaining to apoptosis, DNA damage and repair, and genetic variability analysis. Founded in 1992, Trevigen has developed a successful research products business providing new products for the detection and characterization of DNA damage, genetic variations including mutations and polymorphisms, DNA repair, and programmed cell death. Trevigen-brand research products are marketed via the internet, catalog, journal advertising, direct mail, and telemarketing. Trevigen also has in place supply agreements with major government and university medical research centers. The company is the recipient of several SBIR Phase I grants from the National Institutes of Health, concerning technology development for the analysis of DNA damage and genetic variability. Trevigen has is invented and patented technology for the detection of foreign DNA, DNA mutations and polymorphisms. The technology is called MIDAS (Mutation Identification DNA Analysis System). Trevigen has also developed technology for two approaches for the detection of DNA damage: the CometAssay and FLARE (Fragment Length Analysis by Repair Enzymes)

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