Coated Slides (Epoxysilane, Aldehydesilane, Aminosilane, or Hydrogel Coating)


Nexterion® Slide E is especially suitable for covalent immobilization of amino-modified and unmodified Oligonucleotides. The epoxy surface coating allows efficient and stable attachment of the biomolecules and provides optimal probe presentation. The nucleic acids react instantly with the epoxy modified surface to form a stable covalent bond. The density of epoxy-groups of the surface remains constant over the entire surface of the slide and has been adjusted to provide optimal binding capacity. The hydrophobic surface creates smaller spot diameters ideally suited for high-density arrays. The surface chemistry is stable and remains active even during very long spotting runs.

Recommended Probe Types:

  • Amino-modified and unmodified oligonucleotides
  • cDNA molecules and PCR products


  • Stable and covalent binding of probes
  • Superior signal-to-background ratios even from weakly expressed genes
  • Hydrophobic coating supports the spotting of high-density arrays
  • Epoxy chemistry enables long spotting runs

A full range of functional coating chemistries for DNA and protein microarraying is available. Please contact our Product Specialist for your specific microarray application needs.