Products Listing

Product Description Brand
Cell Biology AAT Bioquest
Cell Biology Products Advanced Biotechnologies Inc
Cell Culture ScyTek Laboratories, Inc
Cell Culture Nacalai Tesque, Inc
Cell Culture, Antibody & Others Biochain, Inc
Cell Cycle
Cell Cycle Assay Biotechnology
Cell Emigre Biocolor Ltd
Cell Extraction and Protein Assay Nacalai Tesque, Inc
Cell Organelle Imaging GenTarget
Cell Spreaders Biologix Research Company
Cell/Tissue Lysates ProSci
Cell/Tissue Lysates (700+)
Cell/Tissue Lysates (700+)
Cells and Media Bioworld Technology
Centrifuge Tubes Biologix Research Company
Centrifuge/Vortex CM-70M series ELMI
Centrifuges CM-6 series ELMI
Channel Assay Biotechnology
Chemical Reference Material Fitzgerald
Chemokines ProSpec-Tany TechnoGene Ltd
Chimera RNA interference (chimera RNAi) Abnova
Chromogen/Substrate Solution Nichirei Corporation
Chromogens MaxVision Biosciences Inc.
Classic Labeling Dyes AAT Bioquest
Cleaved-specific Assay Biotechnology
Clinical Specimens ZeptoMetrix
CloneStable™ for bacterial DNA Biomatrica, Inc.
CloneStabTM to store and ship live E.coli samples Biomatrica, Inc.
Cloning & Gene Analysis Toyobo