Workplace Safety and Health


Axil Scientific understands the importance of Workplace Safety & Health (WSH) and recognizes that it should be placed as the company’s utmost consideration when conducting its business. We believe that excellence in health and safety can only be achieved with the collective support of our management, employees and stakeholders through the effective implementation of our Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS). AXIL is committed to consultation and participation of workers or representatives to a strong safety programme that protects the health, safety and security of its staff, its property and the public from risk of harm, including that arising from terrorism.

With that in mind, AXIL commits to provide sufficient and appropriate resources:

  1. To place both physical & mental health and safety of all employees as part of our business objectives and interests.
  2. To prevent accidents and cases of work-related health issues and also to provide adequate control of health and safety risks arising from work activities.
  3. To comply with all applicable legal and other requirements.
  4. To provide relevant training, information and instructions with regards to occupational safety and health.
  5. To maintain safe and healthy working conditions, provide and maintain production line, equipment and machinery, and ensure safe storage/use of substances.
  6. To implement emergency procedures – evacuation in case of fire, terror attack or other significant incident.
  7. To ensure COVID-safe workplace by implementing safe management measures plan.

AXIL commits to continually improve its Workplace Safety & Health performance to ensure the safety and health of all employees.

We will communicate this policy to all employees and stakeholders and will be available to all external bodies and members of the public.

To fulfil this policy, AXIL will devote resources towards setting, reviewing and achieving our OHS objectives and targets.


Mr Lee Kok Choy
Director of Operations