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    We use Applied Biosystems' highest capacity-based genetic analyzer platforms and optimized protocols to give you superior data in the shortest turnaround time. Currently we are using the BigDye® Terminator v3.1 cycle sequencing kit chemistry, as its robust nature makes it highly suitable for a variety of applications, from de novo sequencing, resequencing and finishing PCR products.

    Be assured that your DNA template is in good hands. We work hard to make sure we continuously meet or exceed leading industry providers in terms of QV, trace score and contiguous read length. Our experienced team ensures you get quality results, even with difficult templates, and prompt troubleshooting assistance at all times.

    Features of 1st BASE DNA Sequencing Services:

    • High quality, long read lengths with fast turnaround time
    • Wide range of free sequencing primers for ABI's dye terminator chemistry
    • 1st BASE DNA Sequencing Collection Kit available for ease of organizing DNA templates/primers
    • Email notification of sequencing results, electropherogram (in .ab1 format) and sequences (in .seq fasta format)
    • FREE re-run of failed reaction(s)
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    1st BASE launches their range of Molecular Biology Reagents with new products and more product enhancements.

    High Performance PCR Reagents

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    Taq DNA Polymerase (recombinant), 500U


    dNTP Mix, 10mM each, 1.0ml


    dNTP Set, 100mM, 4 X 0.25ml

    Products for DNA Electrophoresis 

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    Product No.



    100bp DNA Ladder, Ready-To-Use, 50ug


    100bp DNA Ladder, Ready-To-Use, 100ug


    1kb DNA Ladder, Ready-To-Use, 50ug


    1kb DNA Ladder, Ready-To-Use, 100ug


    6X DNA Loading Dye, 3-Colour, 6 X 1ml


    DNA Stain, 1ml


    Prestained Protein Ladder

    Broad range protein ladder with an Orange reference band at ~75kDa and a Green reference band at ~25kDa

    Product Information

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    Prestained Protein Ladder, 3-Colour, 250ul


    Prestained Protein Ladder, 3-Colour, 500ul

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1st BASE has been serving the research community with a comprehensive range of products and services since 2003. 1st BASE’s expertise includes: DNA sequencing, Fragment Analysis Service, Peptide Synthesis, Antibody Production, Proteomics Services, Biochemicals and Ready-to-Use Buffers as well as newly added services, Next-generation Sequencing and Molecular Biology Services.  Catalog