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    Azure Biosystems’s imagers cover the full spectrum of capabilities for documentation and quantitative analysis of gels, blots, slides, tissue samples, small animal models, plants, and more. Our family of Imagers offers fast, sensitive, high-resolution 9MP CCD-based detection in a small, benchtop-friendly footprint.

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    With most imaging systems a decision between application flexibility and image quality has to be made. However, the Sapphire Biomolecular Imager is a next generation laser scanning system which offers the best of both worlds, unparalleled flexibility with excellent sensitivity and image quality. Whatever your imaging application the Sapphire Biomolecular Imager and the powerful Sapphire Capture software will deliver high quality quantifiable data.

    1. Up to four solid state lasers (488, 520, 658 and 784 nm) offering ultimate excitation sensitivity
    2. Photomultiplier tube (PMT) for fluorescence and phosphor imaging, avalanche photodiodes (APD) for near-infrared imaging and a CCD sensor for chemiluminescent and visible imaging
    3. Ultra-wide dynamic range for imaging and quantifying low and high abundance samples simultaneously
    4. Image resolution down to 10 microns for high-quality image analysis
    5. Full integration with Sapphire Capture and AzureSpot software programs for perfect imaging and accurate analysis every time

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    The Azure Aqua Quad Mini-Cell is designed for running 1–4 precast or handcast gels (cassette size 10cm x 8cm) for electrophoresis.

    The Azure Aqua Transfer Cell is used for transferring two mini gels to membranes for Western blotting experiments (wet transfer).

    The Azure Aqua Power Supply is a universal power supply that is designed for powering electrophoresis and transfer modules.


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    The Ao Absorbance Microplate Reader offers a simple user interface that is normally only found on more expensive systems. Its absorbance-based reading offers maximum sensitivity, the best read speeds for kinetic assays, high flexibility, and lower cost compared to fluorescent and luminescent-based readers. Its top-reading design is ideal for solution-based assays such as ELISAs, DNA and protein quantification, and enzyme kinetics.

    1. Stand-alone, top absorbance reader
    2.  Large, easy-to-use 7-inch touch screen interface
    3. Pre-set and custom protocols
    4. Single and dual wavelength detection modes
    5. 8 position filter wheel: 5 standard filters (405, 450, 492, 595, and 630) plus 3 options from 340 – 750 nm
    6. Built-in shaker with speed selection
    7. Motorized door for easy sample loading

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Azure Biosystems focuses on the development and commercialization of state-of-the-art technologies to support research in the life science community. Founded in Dublin, California, Azure Biosystems develops high-performance instruments for image capture and analysis as well as high-quality reagents optimized to support select imaging applications.