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    BioChain provides a spectrum of DNA products that are derived from various organ systems and tissues of the human body with different developmental stages and disease conditions. DNA materials extracted from different species of plants and animals are also available. Our DNAs are derived from hard-to-find diseased tissues, such as the matched pairs of tumor tissue (both the tumor with matching adjacent normal tissues and the primary tumor with metastatic tumor tissues), are invaluable tools for discovery research and diagnostic product development. In addition to the biospecimen DNA materials, we also offer DNA extraction, purification, and analysis reagents and kits for our customers to perform the tasks on their own samples.

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    • 96 Well Genomic DNA Plate
    • Universal cDNA
    • PCR Ready cDNA
    • Genomic DNA
    • DNA Analysis
    • DNA Extraction
    • DNA Markers
    • Dr. P (DNA, RNA, Protein) Kit
    • Matched Pair - cDNA
    • Matched Pair – Genomic DNA
    • Molecular Weight Markers
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    BioChain provides the RNAs biospecimen that are used for various genomic researches, such as gene expression, microarray, transcriptomics, and RNA sequencing. BioChain offers high quality and well-defined RNA products based on the unique tissue collections. In addition to the RNA biospecimen, we also offer the extraction, purification, analysis reagents, enzymes, and kits. For example, we provide the FFPE Tissue RNA Extraction Kit, Whole Blood RNA Extraction Kit, MicroRNA Isolation Kit, and MagSeq mRNA Purification Kit. For NGS, we have the kit products used for the microRNA and mRNA sample library construction. Our kits simplified the library construction workflow process and are cost-effective. The unique feature of directional mRNA sequencing allow our kit to save further on the data analysis cost.

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    • Total RNA
    • mRNA
    • Universal RNA
    • Matched Pair Total RNA
    • RNA Extraction
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    BioChain has gained the reputation as a unique and quality biospecimen provider. Proteins are the functional units of all forms of life. Our products in this area, such as Universal Protein Lysate, Compartmental Protein, Matched Pair - Total Protein, Mega Western Protein Array, Mitochondria Isolation Kit, Protein Analysis, and Protein Extraction, are the favorites for our customers throughout the history of our company.

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    • Total Protein
    • Membrane Protein
    • Universal Protein Lysate
    • Protein Anaylsis
    • Mitochondria Isolation Kit
    • Total Protein Western Blots
    • Matched Pair Total Protein
    • Protein Extraction
    • Mega Western Protein Array


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    We offer the unique collections of tissue blocks*, slides, frozen arrays, and FFPE arrays for both human normal and diseased, especially tumor tissues. Please make inquiry if you have some particular tissues in mind and can't find it on the website. One of the features that our customers like the most from us is the hard-to-find diseased tissues, such as the matched pairs of tumor tissue (both the tumor with matching adjacent normal tissues and the primary tumor with metastatic tumor tissues), are invaluable tools for discovery research and diagnostic product development.

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    • Frozen Tissue Array
    • Frozen Tissue Section
    • Frozen Tissue Section Panel
    • Paraffin Tissue Array
    • Paraffin Tissue Section
    • Paraffin Tissue Section Panel
    • Match Pair - Paraffin Tissue Section
    • Match Pair - Frozen Tissue Section
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    BioChain offers the commonly used PCR enzymes and reagents, such as qPCR SuperMix, Taq polymerase, dNTP, and primers that can help you to achieve optimum PCR results. 

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    • qPCR SuperMix
    • qRT-PCR SuperMix
    • Taq Polymerase
    • Bacteria Identification Kit
    • PCR Mix
    • dNTPs
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    BioChain has developed a series of ELISA assays for the detection of infectious diseases, such as hepatitis, (HCV, HEV), HIV, TORCH, TB, etc. Our kits are for research use only in the United States while we have obtained regulatory approval for clinical use in other countries, such as China. These ELISA kits are enzyme immunoassays for the detection of various antigen or antibody in human serum or plasma. Recombinant, purified antigen, or antibody is coated on the multiple wells. When the serum sample and HRP conjugated second antibody are added to the coated wells and the target antibody or antigen is present in the sample, a HRP conjugated complex will form. This enzyme reaction produces a color change, and the intensity of the absorbance at defined wavelength indicates the presence or absence of the antigen or antibody in the sample. The test is specific, sensitive, reproducible and easy to operate.

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    • Antigen Markers
    • Lateral Flow Essay Kits
    • Elisa Kits
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    BioChain offers the most popular enzyme product to the customers, such as DNase I and RNase A. Our enzymes are of high quality and economic values. Biochain's BioAssay kits are designed for both routine laboratory tests and high-throughput drug screening applications. We focus on harmless non-radioactive assay formats such as fluorescence, bio-, and chemiluminescence detection techniques. We have optimized our kits to fit the common testing conditions so that the researchers need little to no time for assay optimization. Some of the examples of our assay kits include the kits for Blood and urine analysis, Oxidative Stress, DNA and Protein Determination, Ethanol Determination, Environmental and Food Analysis, and Reporter Gene Assays.

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    • Molecular Diagnostics
    • BioAssay Kits
    • Enzyme Assay Kits
    • Cell-based Assay Kits
    • Popular Enzymes
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    In the omics era, BioChain provides life science research and healthcare products including high-quality biospecimens, pathological tissues, blood materials (whole blood, plasma, and serum), saliva, urine and bodily fluid, and other materials. For nearly two decades, we have been providing these products, services, and technical support to our customers world-wide to enable their molecular biology research, biomarker discovery, and diagnostic and therapeutic development projects.

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    • Endothelial Progenitor Cells
    • Mesenchymal Stem Cells
    • Endothelial Progenitor Outgrowth Cells
    • Culture Media
    • DNA Markers
    • Reagents
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    BioChain provides instruments for sample preparation. AnaPrep series is CE marked instrument for automatic extraction of DNA and RNA

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    RNA purified from human tissues and cell line

    Room Temperature Shipping of RNA

    • Cost Saving
    • Eliminate Expensive Dry Ice Shipping

    Key Features

    • Flexible Storage: Store at -80o C to 25o C
    • Economical: shipped at room temperature without dry ice
    • Wide Selection: RNA isolated from wide variety of hard to obtain tissues
    • High Quality: Decontamination of polysaccharide, proteoglycan, RNase, and genomic DNA
    • Reliable: Extensive quality control procedures
    • Convenient: High efficiency reverse transcription

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    Introduction to CancerSeq™ Paraffin Tissue Section and Block

    BioChain’s CancerSeq formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissues are tumor tissues that have been prescreened extensively for single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), insertions & deletions (indels), and copy number variations (CNVs).  Targeted Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), using cancer gene panels, was performed to identify mutations and mutational hotspots.  These tissues are ideal for verification, genotyping, or identification of new mutational hotspots.

    The advantage of using real tumor tissues versus genetically engineered tumor cell lines, is that the tissues are far more representative of real clinical disease.   Cancer cell lines or genetically altered cell lines have been used widely for in vitro tumor models, but these possess only a small proportion of the genetic variances seen in tumor tissues.  Actual tumors generally carry multiple mutations instead of just one or two.  Numerous studies have  pointed out the striking genetic differences between cell lines and tumor samples by comparing microarrays, copy number changes, mutations, and mRNA expression profiles 1-5.

    Briefly, genomic DNA was extracted from the FFPE tissues and validated by targeted NGS with either Illumina’s TruSeq Amplicon - Cancer Panel (TSACP) or ArcherDX’s VariantPlex Solid Tumor Panel which include 48 or 67 cancer-related genes. Our prescreened tissues come with detailed information regarding donor and cancer type, as well as NGS information such as chromosomal position, variant type (SNP or indel), alternate allele variations, quality score, depth of coverage, allele type, transcript ID and more.  We offer the prescreened tissue as mounted sections or curls.  Please inquire for other options such, as whole block or extracted nucleic acids.

    CancerSeq™ : Screened by NGS for SNPs, indels with 48 Cancer Gene Panel

    CancerSeq™ Plus: Screened by NGS for CNVs, SNPs, indels with 67 Cancer Gene Panel 


    • Deep sequencing by NGS with high coverage
    • FFPE curls or slides available (inquire for blocks)
    • Documentation of the tissue donor's clinical histories is available
    • Information regarding tumor type is available
    • Complete NGS sequencing data available


    • Validation of cancer marker mutation related drug candidates
    • Controls or verification for genotyping
    • Companion diagnostic assay development
    • Suitable for both IHC and in-situ hybridization assays
    • Cellular localization of tissue specific mRNA and protein expression
    • Isolation of DNA and RNA with specific mutation profiles

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    The currently available massive parallel sequencing is revolutionizing the researches in genomics, life science, and medical applications. Next-generation sequencing technologies include a number of methods that are grouped broadly as template preparation, sequencing and imaging, and data analysis. The unique combination of specific protocols distinguishes one technology from another and determines the type of data produced from each platform. However, the basic sample process requirements, so called library construction, are shared among all of the technology platforms. BioChain offers microRNA and mRNA sample library construction kits to allow fast and cost-effective NGS sequencing. Our kits have the following advantages: (1) streamlined workflow process; (2) reduced cost of reagents; (3) easy to use, all-in-one kit. With these features, our kit enhances productivity by shortening the time required for library preparation and decreases the potential human error rate since we reduced the hands-on time for sample preparation.


    • Low RNA input required
    • Up to 48 barcodes available for multiplexing
    • Simplified workflow reduces hands-on time 
    • Flexible barcode options 
    • In MasterMix and High Yield formats

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    • mRNA Smaple Prep Kit 
    • Small RNA Sample Prep Kit
    • Sample Prep Enzymes
    • DNA Storage Solution
    • mRNA Purification Kit
    • MicroRNA Isolation Kit
Biochain is a company with integrated tools for drug target validation and diagnostic assay development. Biochain has developed many patented technologies, such as ultraspeed cloning checker, compartment protein isolation, high throughput Western Blot, and integrated bioarray. Biochain also developed technologies for isolating DNA, RNA and protein simultaneously from the same biological sample. Biochain has advanced protein detection by their patented Enhancer for Western Analysis and GEMPLA technology. Biochain produces more than 300 ready-to-use products for human functional Genomics and Proteomics. Their products come from over 400 sources of human tissue, all with carefully documented clinical histories. Biochain also recently launched a series of Arrays, which includes cDNA, mRNA, Protein and Tissue Arrays. With integrated product lines such as Biochain's, researchers can obtain Northern Blots, Total RNA, cDNA, protein, or tissue slides all from the same tissue donor.