Product Range: 
  • Specifications:

    ECM 830 is suitable for the following applications:

    • Mammalian Cell ransfections / Gene Therapy
    • Mammalian Cell Protein / Drug Electroincorporation
    • In Vivo Applications
    • Nuclear Transfer
    • Plant Bacterial and Yeast Applications (Intact plant tissue, protoplasts and competent bacteria and yest may be transformed)
    • Bacterial and Yeast Electroporation


    • Square Wave Electroporation System designed for all mammalian in vitro and in vivo electroporation applications
    • All BTX T 820 square wave electroporation protocols are easily reproducible
    • Possesses key features including finder voltage discrimination, Arc Quenching, the monitoring of all key parameters, and the control of pulse intervals
    • Versatile and can be upgraded for high-throughput applications


    Please contact our Product Specialist for details. Thank you.

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BTX comes under the umbrella of Harvard Apparatus (a division of Harvard Bioscience) and is regarded as a pioneer in the field of molecular delivery utilizing electroporation and electrofusion technology. BTX offers a comprehensive line of instruments and accessories for both electroporation and electrofusion of mammalian, bacterial, yeast, fungi, insect and plant cells and tissues. BTX specializes in providing research tools for novel cutting edge applications such as adherent cell electroporation, high-throughput cloning, in vivo gene delivery, in ovo gene delivery, and in & ex utero gene delivery.