Azure Biosystems

Azure Biosystems focuses on the development and commercialization of state-of-the-art technologies to support research in the life science community. Founded in Dublin, California, Azure Biosystems develops high-performance instruments for image capture and analysis as well as high-quality reagents optimized to support select imaging applications.

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BEL Engineering

BEL Engineering® s.r.l. is an Italian company manufacturer of Electronic precision Balances and laboratory scientific instruments, with headquarters in Monza (Milano), ITALY. The company was born at the beginning of the Eighties, taking care from the very beginning to its own production through a constant and deep scientific and technological research. Each step of production process (mechanics, electronics, software, design) is completely followed, so ensuring a 360 degrees quality checking on each part related to the electronic balance and to other products of ours. Today BEL Engineering wide product range includes electronic balances from 0.01mg resolution until 0.1gr, moisture analyzer, touch screen balances, tablet interface system, optical instruments such as microscopes, spectrophotometers, cmos camera and video system for microscopy etc. BEL Engineering is one of the biggest players in the market, manufacturing also for well noted brands under OEM base. BEL Engineering Quality System is certified ISO9001:2015, certificate 39000071401. Production Quality is CE-NAWI certified (directive 2009/23/CEE), certificate CE-205.

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Founded in 1999, having over 2000 employees (till February 2020), BIOBASE Group is a new high-tech enterprise focusing on development, production and management of scientific equipment, In Vitro Diagnosis (IVD) instrument and reagent. BIOBASE Group is specialized in products of 8 areas including medical diagnosis, biosafety protection, disinfection and sterilization, water purification system, infant care products, cold chain products, software products, clean room project. Gathering up a professional team of experts, scholars as well as other scientific research personnel, our company has obtained patents and expanded marketing for multiple products such as the self-developed Biochemistry analyzer, 107 kinds of Reagents, Automatic Elisa processor, Medical sterilization instrument and Biosafety protection equipment.

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The Covaris business was built upon its team’s in-depth knowledge ranging from acoustic physics, mechanical engineering to biophysics and molecular biology. At Covaris, their mission is to leverage their enabling technology to provide sample preparation instruments and solutions to the analytical and life sciences industry. The Covaris technology foundation is its proprietary and patented Adaptive Focused Acoustics™ (AFA) technology. The Covaris AFA technology enables numerous non-contact, isothermal processes to be developed, for use in a broad range of applications in both biology and chemistry, including Genomics, Proteomics, and Drug Discovery research. In many cases, the ability to impart both thermal and non-contact control of application processes could not be obtained prior to the development AFA technology. This gives Covaris truly unique competitive advantages, which translates into fast adaptation of Covaris technology by customers, as well as rapid business growth. Which system to select? Covaris offers a family of instruments for effective sample preparations. Covaris systems may be configured in many formats, but we recommend following a few simple steps to reach the right product quickly: Step 1: If your starting biological material is hard to process tissues, such as bone, muscle, skin, cornea, seed, leaf, please select CryoPrep for effective tissue disruption and homogenization. For softer tissues, such as liver, brain, or cell culture and biological samples in solution, there's no need to use CryoPrep, proceed to step 2. Step 2: If sample processing temperature needs to be below -20°C for labile target molecules, please select Covaris S-series. Step 3: If sample preparation temperature can go above 4°C, please select Covaris S-series for single tube processing, or select E-series or L-series for high throughput processing. If DNA shearing is your primary application, the S2 is the instrument of choice. Check out the Broad Applications of Covaris AFA technology

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General Equipment: Liquid handling, Centrifuge, Mixer & Rotators, Shaker, Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer, Dry bath, Homogenizer, Rotary Evaporator, PCR machine etc.

Dlab is a professional manufacturer for high quality laboratory instruments for research works and projects. And is a one-stop supplier which provides a wide range of general laboratory devices & instruments, aiming to cover chemical, biological, clinical and diagnostic labs. Besides that, all Dlab instruments are designed and manufactured in accordance with ISO9001/13485. 

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GeneDireX established their brand in 2007 and is focused on providing innovative products to the scientific community worldwide. They take advantage of cutting-edge technologies to provide research tools that are high quality, affordable and easy to use. They are the largest DNA and Protein Ladders manufacturer, providing reliable molecular ladders to researchers globally through their channel partners and sales offices.

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6 main product groups: Freezer, Shakers, Water Bath, Shaking Water Bath, Incubator, Water Stills.


For more than 45 years GFL have been producing "Quality Built on Tradition" here in Germany. Users from research labs, standard and special labs for medicine, science and industry in more than 150 countries worldwide are assured with high quality products. GFL products are exclusively made in Germany and reputed to be innovative, user-friendly and technically mature. In accordance with international standards is documented for all GFL laboratory products with the certification to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000, promoting more trust in the permanent high quality level of GFL products.


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Heathrow Scientific LLC

Heathrow Scientific is a global manufacturer of bench top equipment and lab essentials that deliver design, function, and innovation. Our products are used in life sciences and clinical applications as well as academic and government research. We push the boundaries and make new and better ways of lab work possible by supplying everyday labware and equipment that solve problems, improve productivity, save space, and deliver value. Over the past several years Heathrow Scientific has built a strong and in-depth product portfolio that started from just two products, 100 place and 25 place slide boxes. Today, the portfolio includes over 800 laboratory items which span multiple scientific categories.

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Since 1982, N-Biotek has been the main manufacturer of biomedical and lab equipment in the world through its own creative technique. The products are renowned for their attractive design, unique features, outstanding quality, and competitive price. The products are CE, ETL, ISO and GMP certified. Since 2010, they have expanded and started new businesses such as construction of stem cell processing system and biological clean room, GMP consultation, validation services, and health care services for foreign customers, in order to become the leader in life science field.

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