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    MaxPoly-One™ Polymer HRP or AP Detection Kits

    MaxPoly-One™ Polymer HRP or AP Detection Kits utilized the newest biotin-free polymerization technology to prepare super sensitive polymeric peroxidase linked secondary antibodies conjugates. It provides one step detection protocol, superior sensitivity and specificity, short incubation time and faster turnaround. Comparing to the conventional labeled Streptavidin-Biotin or Avidin Biotin Complex method, it completely eliminate the potential background due to endogenous biotin activity on biotin-rich tissues.

    Prior to staining formalin-fixed paraffin tissue sections should be deparaffinized and hydrated following heat-induced epitope retrieval or enzyme pretreatment. Endogenous peroxidase should be blocked. Then primary antibody is added. After labeling the antigen on the tissue or cell preparations with primary antibody, affinity-purified, human serum absorbed polymer HRP or AP conjugated secondary antibody is added to bind to the primary antibody.  

    MaxPoly-One™ kits used new polymerization technology which allows a larger number of peroxidase (or alkaline phosphatase) coupled with secondary antibody. This technology increases the sensitivity dramatically. The optimal dilutions and incubation times for primary antibodies may need to be re-adjusted. Polymer HRP or AP enzyme will catalyze the substrate/chomogen to form visible color deposit at the antigen site.

    Applications:  Immunohistochemistry

    Reactivity: Detect mouse and/or rabbit or goat primary antibody on human tissue. 

    Applicable Tissue Type: Formalin Fixed Paraffin Embedded Section, Frozen tissue and cell culture preparations.


    Key Benefits:

    • The easiest detection method ever: only one-step 15’ incubation protocol
    • Highly sensitive due to smaller size polymer helping better penetration to cell structures
    • Elimination of avidin-biotin blocking steps
    • Super clean background because of elimination of biotin background and highly purified detection component
    • High staining sensitivity enables the user further dilute primary antibody dilution to save cost
    • Faster result and faster turn-around, most suitable for high efficiency required laboratory needs
    • Can be used for both manual method and automated immunostainers

    Kit major components:  

    Protein Blocking Solution (ready to use, not included in 125ml size kit)

    Polymer HRP Conjugated Secondary Antibody (ready to use, 15’ incubation)

    Chromogen (not included in 125ml size kit)


    Polymer AP Conjugated Secondary Antibody (ready to use, 15’ incubation)

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MaxVision Biosciences Inc.  specializes in providing researchers with high quality immunohistochemistry (IHC) products including the newest polymer technology-based super sensitive HRP/AP detection kits for animal pathology and anatomic pathology research. Their feature products include: MaxHomo™ series detection system (for same species primary antibody on homogenous tissue e.g. mouse on mouse) MaxHetero™ series detection system (for mouse on rat or rat on mouse) MaxPoly-One™ (one step super sensitive polymer) MaxPoly-Two™ (two step ultra-sensitive polymer) MaxDS™ double staining MaxFluoro™ (for mouse on mouse immunofluorescence detection). Other products provided by MaxVision include primary antibodies, tissue microarray, chromogens, mounting mediums, and some general laboratory reagents.