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    UnipicK™ is a vacuum-assisted single cell collection and tissue microdissection instrument based on NDX’s original capillary-based cell and tissue acquisition system (CTAS; USPT 8,797,644; Kudo et al, 2012) that can acquire individual cells from cell cultures and tissues.  It permits rapid acquisition of single cells from any untreated cell cultures, providing reliable and affordable means of most sophisticated experimentation. Moreover, the instrument is suitable for individual cell collection and region-specific acquisition of sub anatomical areas from complex heterogeneous tissues such as the brain. Operation of the system is intuitive and requires minimal training. Cell cultures require no treatment or specific peripherals, thus enabling unmatched flexibility in experimental design and sample collection.

    Perhaps one of the most distinct features is the ability of UnipicK™ to collect live cells for further reculturing and a plethora of downstream functional studies.  Both individual fluorescently labeled and morphologically distinct cells can be acquired from any cell cultures or tissue sections.  The procedure has been demonstrated from nearly all types of adherent, suspended and 3D cultures, including difficult samples such as primary cells, or individual cells from fresh frozen and sucrose treated complex tissues, such as brain. With live cells viability tests have demonstrated up to 99% after collection, and up to 30 cells per minute may be collected from adherent cultures.

    RNA isolated from collected cells and tissue regions exhibits high integrity and low degradation rates with RIN >9.0. Subsequent labeling protocols (e.g. T7 based) consistently produce high incorporation yields making it suitable for downstream PCR, microarray, and sequencing analyses.

    The instruments’ low cost, ease of use, single cell resolution, and minimal impact on cell viability, make it unique and vital research tools. Importantly, UnipicK™ is a free-standing instrument that can be mounted over a wide range of inverted microscope models, providing additional flexibility in the laboratory.

    Notable Features of UnipicK™ include:

    1. Simple operation with minimal training
    2. Single cell collection from untreated cultures and tissue sections
    3. Efficient tissue microdissection
    4. High viability of collected cells
    5. High quality RNA and protein for downstream –omics studies
    6. Flexibility and versatility – fit any inverted microscope
    7. Fraction of the cost of any laser assisted microdissection instrument

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    UnipicK+ is a universal platform for tissue microdissection, single cell acquisition, and deposition into the single wells for further molecular analysis or clonal expansion. The main working principle is based on the capillary based vacuum pulse assisted technology (CTAS; Kudo et al, 2012). Developed system can microdissect tissue sections, collect and deposit individual cells from any adherent cultures grown in standard cell culture dishes in as small as 15nl volume, compatible with various downstream single cell analyses and next generation sequencing. Like UnipicK, the system may be used with a wide range of inverted microscopes.  The benefits include cost-efficiency, simple operation, digital interface, complete workflow from single cell isolation to downstream analysis, compatibility with a wide range of inverted microscopes and use of standard plates and culture dishes.

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NeuroInDx, Inc. (NDX), founded in 2006, focuses on instrumentation development for single cell isolation and complex tissue microdissection. NDX instruments enable simple and rapid collection of individual cells from cell cultures and tissue sections. The numerous downstream applications range from simple enrichment for transfected cells to cell or region specific –omics studies. Based on its patented cell and tissue acquisition technology (CTAS), NeuroInDx has developed a product line of versatile instruments (KuiqpicK™, UnipicK™ and UnipicK+™) which are compatible with a wide range of inverted microscopes.