Signal-Seeker PTM Antibodies:
Great Discovery Tools To Identify Novel Regulatory Mechanisms
Promotion is valid from 17th May - 30th June 2021

HighlightsOur acetylation, ubiquitin, SUMO, and phosphotyrosine antibodies were developed in-house, and stringently tested to provide the strongest and most specific antibodies on the market.

Check out our Signal-Seeker antibody page for Cytoskeleton's complete list of available PTM antibodies

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Post-Translational Modifications (PTMS) such as serine/threonine phosphorylation, tyrosine phosphorylation (pY), acetylation (Ac), ubiquitination (Ub) and SUMOylation (SUMO) have been shown to be key regulators in almost all cellular processes, including signal transduction, epigenetics, protein stability and localization, and cellular immunity. Learn more about Signal-Seeker? PTM Detection Kits by clicking on the video link.


Selected Signal-Seeker Reference Materials

Cytoskeleton has prepared FAQs, Background Information, a PTM eBook, and Tech Tips specific to PTMs. Explore the links below to learn more!


High-Quality Affinity Beads Produce 
High-Quality Results
Flow chart for using affinity beads for purification of the target protein.

  • Highly Specific: Recognize only the protein or peptide of your choice.
  • Widely Validated: Hundreds of citations available.
  • High Affinity Reagents for peptides and proteins modified with:

Check out our Signal-Seeker page for Cytoskeleton's complete list of available PTM affinity beads

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