Lab Consumables for COVID-19


Decontaminate with RNAse Quiet

RNase Quiet is a ready-to-use solution for eliminating RNase contamination. It completely removes RNase contamination from glass, plastic equipment and laboratory tables.




Product Cat. No Volume
RNAse Quiet, with spray nozzle 09147-14 475 ml
RNAse Quiet, refill 09477-94 475 ml



Cryogenic & Laboratory Labels
Perfect for proper labelling and accurate identification

  • Organize research processes for better storage and identification
  • Assure marking legibility and labeling permanency under harsh chemicals, extreme temperature and extended storage
  • Brighten up the lab with color coded labels to differentiate process and prevent errors.

Visit link below to find out the label that fits your need:



Microcentrifuge Tubes


Deep external threads protect against sample loss and seal failure. An interior U channel in the cap keeps the ethylene propylene rubber (EPR) O-ring in place as the cap is tightened. 2.0 mL tubes have graduations and a writing surface; 0.5 mL and 1.5 mL tubes have no markings. Non-sterile tubes are certified free of detectable RNase, DNase, and DNA. Autoclavable polypropylene.

  • Caps seal with just 1.25 turns
  • Saf-T-Seal™ tubes withstand centrifugation up to 20,000 × g
  • Suitable for boiling, vapor-phase liquid nitrogen, or -80°C storage
  • Caps available in natural, mixed colors, or 6 individual colors



These extremely hydrophobic, low adhesion tubes reduce non-specific binding of RNA, DNA, or protein. Easy opening cap has a beveled lip for comfort in repeated openings.

  • Certifed RNase, DNase, DNA free
  • Tested pyrogen free
  • Graduations every 100 µl
  • Optically clear
  • Frosted cap and side writing surface for easy labeling

Packs 500 tubes and caps, natural color:

0.5ml Self-stand Screw Cap microcentrifuge tubes* 1405-9700 Non-sterile
1405-9710 Sterile
1.5ml Self-stand Screw Cap microcentrifuge tubes* 1415-9700 Non-sterile
1415-9710 Sterile
2.0ml Self-stand Screw Cap microcentrifuge tubes* 1420-9700 Non-sterile
1420-9710 Sterile
0.5ml Low Adhesion Microcentrifuge Tubes 1405-2600 Sterile
1.5ml Low Adhesion Microcentrifuge Tubes 1415-2600 Sterile
2.0ml Low Adhesion Microcentrifuge Tubes 1420-2600 Sterile

*Also available in Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Violet and Yellow.