RT-qPCR Reagents for COVID-19


We offer various PCR reagents to cater to the different needs for any stage of SARS-CoV-2 assay development, infection mechanism study or vaccine research.

[Research Use] SENSIFAST Probe One-Step for FAST . SENSITIVE . REPRODUCIBLE Results

The SensiFAST™ Probe One-Step Kits have been formulated for highly reproducible first-strand cDNA synthesis and subsequent real-time PCR in a single tube and uses a combination of the latest advances in buffer chemistry and enhancers, together with an antibody-mediated hot-start DNA polymerase system, to ensure fast, highly-specific and ultra-sensitive one-step RT-qPCR. This also gives SensiFAST Probe One-Step unbeatable efficiency in multiplexing.

  • Novel 1-step buffer optimized for highly-efficient RT and PCR steps
  • Improved consistency between technical replicates
  • Reproducible, accurate results in as little as 40 minutes
  • Antibody-mediated hot-start minimizes non-specific amplification
  • Excellent efficiency for improved multiplexing


Product Cat No. Reactions
SensiFAST™ Probe No-ROX One-Step Kits BIO-76005 500 rxns
BIO-76001 100 rxns
BIO-78005 500 rxns
SensiFAST™ Probe Lo-ROX One-Step Kits BIO-78001 100 rxns
SensiFAST™ Probe Hi-ROX One-Step Kits BIO-77005 500 rxns
BIO-77001 100 rxns


The SensiFAST Probe One-Step Kit (red) gaves the lowest Ct values while maintaining reproducibility of technical replicates as compared to Supplier A (green) and Q (blue).

RT-PCR analysis of a mixed population of influenza viruses in ferret nasal wash to measure the viral replication and transmission kinetics of each virus population.


[Molecular Assay Development] Novel RT-qPCR Reagent Solutions for Fast and Accurate Screening Assays

Diagnostic companies and laboratories in China have turned to Meridian’s Lyo-Ready 1-Step RT-qPCR Mix to develop fast and accurate screening assays for 2019-nCoV in response to the outbreak.

Fast 1-Step RT-qPCR Mix

  • Formulated for fast, automated, high-throughput systems
  • Sensitive detection of low-copy number DNA and RNA targets
  • Highly suited to multiplex assays from a broad range of sample types

Lyo-Ready 1-Step RT-qPCR Mixes

  • Provided glycerol-free and pre-formulated with a specialized blend of lyo-excipients
  • Virus mix (Cat #MDX062) is specifically optimized for amplification of RNA or DNA viruses with a high secondary structure (reverse transcriptase remains active at 55-60 °C)
  • Suited for multiplex-assays and low-copy number targets • Compatible with lyophilization into beads or cakes
  • Ideal for developing fast, highly reproducible assays requiring ambient temperature transport and storage


Product Cat. No Volume Reactions
Fast 1-Step RT-qPCR Mix MDX032 10 ml 1,000 reactions
100 ml 10,000 reactions

Lyo-Ready 1-Step RT-qPCR Mix

MDX024 10 ml 1,000 reactions
100 ml 10,000 reactions

Lyo-Ready 1-Step RT-qPCR Virus Mix

MDX062 10 ml 1,000 reactions
100 ml 10,000 reactions


The results demonstrate the ability of Lyo-Ready 1-Step RT-qPCR Mix (Cat #MDX024) (purple traces) to amplify from difficult samples such as blood, in contrast to the competitor mix (green traces) which fail, even with higher concentrations of the template RNA.

RT-PCR analysis of a mixed population of influenza viruses in ferret nasal wash to measure the viral replication and transmission kinetics of each virus population.

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Japan NIID Recommended Reagents

There are two methods established by National Institute of Infectious Diseases (NIID), qualitative detection by nested PCR method and alternatively, real-time one-step probe based RT-qPCR method.

Quick Taq® HS Dyemix (Code No. DTM-101) was used to perform the nested PCR outline in the published manual.

  • Enables greater PCR performance than conventional Taq DNA polymerase.
  • anti-Taq antibodies for hot start PCR. Hot start technology realizes highly specific and sensitive PCR

For more information, click here

THUNDERBIRD ® Probe One-step qRT-PCR Kit (QRZ-101) for one-step rt-qPCR method.

  • Rapid and highly sensitive
  • Tolerant of target sequence diversity
  • Tolerant of PCR inhibitors
  • Utilization of dUTP to avoid carry over contamination
  • Multiplex detection

For more information, click here

For published manual, click here.

For NIID published manual, click here

A 4n dilution series of various viral RNAs was detected. The primers and TaqMan® probes were synthesized in accordance with previous reports. The graph indicates the minimum copy numbers that were detected by the kits. THUNDERBIRD® Probe One-step qRT-PCR Kit was the only kit that detected all viral RNAs tested at high sensitivity (≤30 copies)


Product Cat. No Reactions
Quick Taq ® HS DyeMix DTM-101 100 rxns (50ul rxn volume)
THUNDERBIRD ® Probe One-step qRT-PCR Kit QRZ-101 250 rxns (20ul rxn volume)



Other Relevant Products

Extraction Control 

Reduce chance of obtaining a false negative result in the sample RNA by

  • Determine if there are inhibitors in the PCR assay
  • Validate the success of the extraction step


Product Cat. No Reactions
RT-qPCR Extraction Control Red MDX028 500 rxns
RT-qPCR Extraction Control Orange MDX029 500 rxns


Molecular Grade Water   

Product Cat. No Reactions

Water, Biotechnology Grade

BUF-1180-100ml 100ml
BUF-1180-500ml 500ml
BUF-1180-1L 1L