Biochemicals, Ready-to-use Buffers & Reagents

We understand that accurate results in your research are critical, that is why we pride ourselves in giving you premium quality products. Our products are designed to provide convenience, reliability so that you can save time and resources. Our comprehensive range of Biochemicals, Ready-to-use Buffers and Reagents will certainly meet your research needs.

For unbeatable convenience, 1st BASE Biochemicals,  Ready-to-use Buffers and Reagents can be made available to you through an on-site store or consignment program, either in a host laboratory or common purchasing facility within your research institute. Please contact us or your local distributor for further details.

Features of Biochemicals and Ready-to-Use Buffers

  1. Freshly prepared using finest and ultra-pure raw materials suitable for biomolecular work.
  2. Use of Type 1 water that ensures your reagents are pyrogen, nucleases and endotoxin free.
  3. Stringent sterilisation of end products.
  4. Storage life between 6 months and 2 years.
  5. Available in easy-to-use 500ml, 1-L and 4-L bottles.
  6. Various packaging options available, based on product specifications.
  7. Readily available as ex-stock.
  8. Customised formulation and packaging of research reagents available, please contact us for more information.

We provide a wide range of Biochemicals and Ready-to-use Buffers in the following grades to meet a wide range of research applications. 

Product Grades Description
ACS Grade Materials conform to the specifications and procedures outlined in American Chemical Society Specifications, 10th Edition, 2006. These inorganic chemicals are sold in powder or crystalline forms, suitable for general laboratory use.
Ultra Pure Grade Materials with a purity exceeding the specifications and procedures outlined in American Chemical Society Specifications, 10th Edition, 2006. These include ready-to-use reagents of high quality suitable for most laboratory applications, meeting requirements such as ultra-low levels of trace metal contaminants.
Biotechnology Grade Grade Materials with purity comparable to Ultra Pure Grade particularly suited for molecular biology applications. They have been tested and show no detectable traces of DNase, RNase, Protease and endotoxins.

Our Buffers and Biochemicals are suited for routine applications such as:

  • Nucleic acid analysis and electrophoresis
  • Protein analysis and electrophoresis
  • Biological buffers and related reagents
  • Culture media and components

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