Protecting Our People & Supporting Our Customers in These Challenging Times

Axil Scientific is keeping our guards up with the enhanced Safety Management Measures at workplaces to help prevent the transmission of COVID-19 virus. These include:   
  1. Wearing of face mask at all times. All Axil staff will be issued and encouraged to wear HSA-approved surgical mask.
  2. Stringent cleaning and sanitizing regime at workplaces. 
  3. Safe distancing measures put in place. 
  4. Twice-daily temperature checks for onsite staff.
  5. Work-from-home and staggered working hours arrangements.
  6. Safe-entry check-in/out with TraceTogether app when entering in/out public premises.   
Axil staff are also encouraged to sign up for the COVID-19 vaccination once they are eligible to receive one.
Our priority remains the health and safety of our employees and customers while we continue to fulfil orders and deliveries with minimal disruptions and delays.
If you have any questions or require urgent needs for sequencing services, reagents, consumables and/or custom solutions, you can reach us at the following:  
Email :
WhatsApp :
Tel : +65 6775 7318 
Live Chat :
For latest news and updates, please visit us at our Website, Facebook, Instagram and/or LinkedIn page.
Axil Scientific is committed in doing all that we can to always support and provide you continuity of services during these challenging times.