Biospecimen Section & Arrays


We offer the unique collections of tissue blocks*, slides, frozen arrays, and FFPE arrays for both human normal and diseased, especially tumor tissues. Please make inquiry if you have some particular tissues in mind and can't find it on the website. One of the features that our customers like the most from us is the hard-to-find diseased tissues, such as the matched pairs of tumor tissue (both the tumor with matching adjacent normal tissues and the primary tumor with metastatic tumor tissues), are invaluable tools for discovery research and diagnostic product development.

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  • Frozen Tissue Array
  • Frozen Tissue Section
  • Frozen Tissue Section Panel
  • Paraffin Tissue Array
  • Paraffin Tissue Section
  • Paraffin Tissue Section Panel
  • Match Pair - Paraffin Tissue Section
  • Match Pair - Frozen Tissue Section