Chromatrap® Your Chromatin!


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Chromatrap® Your Chromatin!


We are pleased to present you with Chromatrap®*, a revolutionary solid-state platform from the UK that enables more efficient, sensitive and robust chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP).

Compared to current methods, the following are what makes Chromatrap® superior:

Unlike bead-based ChIP, Chromatrap eliminates common manual handling problems and the need for time-consuming blocking steps to reduce non-specific binding. In under 5 hours from chromatin loading to qPCR or sequencing, Chromatrap significantly reduces the assay time for ChIP, enabling more samples to be analysed increasing laboratory throughput and efficiency.

  • Highly sensitive – Perfect for low abundant proteins and transcription factors
  • Low background – No pre-blocking required
  • Reduced IP times – ChIP in under 5hrs
  • Less manual handling – Reduced errors and sample loss
  • Wide dynamic range – ChIP from as little as 1000 cells
  • High throughput capability – Test multiple samples, antibodies and gene targets
  • Cost-efficient solution – Save precious antibody

How does Chromatrap perform in the laboratory?

  • Target enrichment typically 6x greater with Chromatrap
  • Target enrichment typically 15-20x greater with Chromatrap
  • Best signal-to-noise of any kit at low chromatin loadings
  • 2-3x higher signal-to-noise than bead-based methods
  • Less non-specific binding
  • Shorter protocol, higher chromatin yields
  • Wider dynamic range: 500ng - 50μg chromatin
  • Less manual handling & increased binding capacity within column
  • No DNA clean up required for qPCR
  • Perform several ChIP assays from a single sample


Want to see Chromatrap®’s workflow? Check it out via their YouTube channel here.

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About Chromatrap®: Porvair Sciences is part of Porvair plc, a specialist filtration company listed on the London Stock Exchange. They are one of the largest manufacturers of Ultra-Clean microplates, 96-Well Filter Plates and Microplate handling equipment for life science and synthetic chemistry, with over 25 years of experience in microplate manufacturing.

The potential of the patented filter used in Chromatrap® was first noticed by academics at Essex University and later developed in collaboration with Swansea University’s medical school.

In an academic/industrial partnership, the product range was developed to offer a faster, more sensitive method of chromatin immunoprecipitation. From an initial kit designed for PCR analysis, the technology has been developed into a full product range, particularly suited to small or low abundant biological samples.

The range is manufactured in Porvair’s bioscience facilities in North Wales and sold globally.