We offer Ultrasonicator instruments and software capable of meeting your needs. Covaris Focused-ultrasonicators are engineered to meet your sample preparation needs by delivering highly controlled and focused acoustic energy to your samples. Focused-ultrasonicators standardize sample prep for a variety of application areas including DNA shearing for Next-Gen sequencing, RNA and protein extraction, Chromatin shearing, cell lysis, tissue to biomarker, compound management, formulations, and more.

Covaris Focused-ultrasonicator software and instruments are designed to work exclusively with Covaris consumables.



The M220 Focused-ultrasonicator™ is designed for Next-Gen Sequencing applications requiring fragment sizes between 150bp and 5kb. Compact size and ease-of-use make the M220 Focused-ultrasonicator the ideal DNA shearing solution for MiSeq™ and PGM™ users.


The M220 runs a variety of DNA shearing protocols with Covaris SonoLab 7 software and uses both the Covaris microTUBE & miniTUBE.


Integrated temperature control within the M220 eliminates the need for an external chiller, saving space and cost.


The ME220 Focused-ultrasonicator is the multi-sample, multi-application benchtop sample preparation solution for every lab.

Compact, easy-to-use system formatted for 1 to 8 sample batch-processing- recommend use with microTUBE-50. Accurate, reproducible, and robust sample preparation powered by AFA-energetics. Integrated chiller and automated water management. Less than 2-minute start-up time.





The S220 Focused-ultrasonicator is a versatile, high power system engineered for pre-analytical sample processing with Covaris’ patented Adaptive Focused Acoustics® (AFA®). Utilizing a spherical acoustic transducer, specifically designed AFA Tubes, and advanced electronics, AFA delivers controlled energy precisely and accurately to sample volumes from 15 μl to 18 ml.


The S220 Focused-ultrasonicator is computer controlled by SonoLab™ Software, incorporating preset protocols for standard methods, such as DNA shearing to specific fragment lengths, and easy-to-use-tools for user-defined protocols. The S220 is also compatible with ActiveX control if required for more specialized customer-defined, laboratory automation applications.


Focused-ultrasonicators with AFA Technology operate at high frequencies (500KHz) and, therefore, unlike traditional low frequency laboratory sonicators. AFA does not require sound-proof boxes, hearing protectors, or other unusual precautions for their operation.


The S220 Focused-ultrasonicator is available in higher power (S220X) and robotic capable (S220R) configurations.




The E220evolution enables multi-sample, batch preparation, capable of processing a wide range of sample types and volumes and may be programmed to process from 1 to 8 samples in a single batch. And, when workload increases, the E220evolution can be upgraded to an E220 capable of processing 1 to 96 samples/run or to an LE220 for high throughput processing without purchasing a new instrument.


The E220 enables multi-sample, batch preparation, capable of processing a wide range of sample types and volumes. The E220 may be programmed to process from 1 to 96 samples in a single batch. For example, with 96 samples, 96 different AFA energies may be pre-programmed. With the available racks, the E220 instrument is easily configured for use with all AFA Tubes (volumes from 50µl to 10ml) including single AFA microTUBE™ and the AFA 96 microTUBE Plate, for both single and batch sample processing. The E220 can be operated as a stand-alone unit, or easily integrated as part of an automated laboratory system.


Focused-ultrasonicators operate at frequencies well beyond the range of human hearing (500KHz) so, unlike traditional (low frequency) laboratory sonicators do not require sound-proof boxes or other special precautions.


The E220 is also available in higher power (E220X) and robotic capable (E220R) configurations.




The LE220-plus Focused-ultrasonicator is a scalable, automated, high-performance sample preparation system powered by Adaptive Focused Acoustics® (AFA®) technology, with 1 to 8 tubes at a time parallel processing; 96 tube capacity.


Features include:

• Automated water works optimizes

user-to-user reproducibility

• Remote set-up and scheduling

maximizes laboratory efficiency

• Designed for integration with high-throughput laboratory automation

with automated water works system


The LE220-plus system includes control connections to both the AFA ultraCUBE water chiller and the water conditioning module. Significant improvements to laboratory efficiency are enabled with our latest SonoLab software which features a simple, intuitive interface along with a module for remote start-up and daily scheduling.



As the highest power and fastest sample processing system in the Covaris portfolio, the LE220Rsc rapidly delivers AFA-energetics® to

standard SBS format plates using the scanning mode. It offers tunable acoustic energy, integration with robotic platforms, and more power than the LE220-plus and R230 Focused-ultrasonicators. This instrument enables a variety of novel high power, fast process applications such as lysis of difficult to lyse microorganisms (for example, yeast) in the 96 AFA-TUBE TPX plate and dissolution of difficult to solubilize compounds.


The LE220Rsc Focused-ultrasonicator aids in the movement of samples through numerous steps in a workflow on multiple instruments without human intervention. Processing time for a 96 and 384 plate ranges from 5 to 16 minutes, depending on desired fragment size. Multiple isothermal energy delivering modes including scanning mode rapidly delivering AFA-energetics. Enables automated workflows with full robotic integration.




The R230 Focused-ultrasonicator is the next generation AFA powered instrument, and the first of the R-Series.


Revolutionize Sample Preparation on Liquid Handlers with On-deck AFA®


Advantages of the new instrument include:


  • The R230 can be fully integrated on many liquid handler platforms
  • Unique, high-throughput sample processing with AFA-energetics and AFA-TUBE® TPX Plates
  • Proprietary scanning process enabling batch treatment in 96, 384 and 1536 formats
  • Scanning process delivers tunable energy to sample