Kits and reagents


1. truXTRAC FFPE kits

  • Superior extraction for low mass inputs from slides and cores
  • Hands-free paraffin removal – no organic solvents required
  • Extract longer RNA with high DV200 scores – detect rare fusion events
  • Reduced variability with a simplified and standardized workflow
  • Automated, high throughput processing available

2. truChIP kits

The truChIP® Chromatin Shearing Kits were designed and optimized for the efficient and reproducible shearing of chromatin from cultured mammalian cells (suspension or adherent, FFPE, clinically archived tissues, and tissues (20 to 120 mg) using the Covaris Adaptive Focused Acoustics® (AFA®) technology.

3. truXTRAC cfDNA kits

This sample extraction kit is an active AFA-based, high-throughput, high-yield system designed to standardize circulating cell-free DNA extraction.

  • Extract higher complexity cfDNA to unlock the true biology of the sample
  • Higher cfDNA yields and quality with Active Extraction
  • Reduced extraction bias – cfDNA profile in the original plasma sample is reflected in the extracted and purified sample
  • Reduced variability with standardized cfDNA extraction
  • Simplified workflow with automated purification capability enables high throughput processing


Whole blood dry-stabilization and transport solution.

  • Extract more than 1 µg of DNA from 80 µL dry-stabilized whole blood
  • Reduce costs and logistical shipping challenges with ambient collection, shipping, and storage
  • Active drying preserves sample integrity and maintains the true biology of the sample
  • Easy sample loading and tracking – 2D barcoding provides sample traceability
  • High throughput extraction capability with bead-based purification


5. Cell Lysis and Protein Extraction Buffers

A range of extraction buffers for the efficient protein extraction from cells and tissues optimized for your downstream application.