Gel Products


Diversified Biotech offers a variety of gel related products:

- Synergel™: Improving Agarose Gel Performance
- Fluorescent Ruler Kit
- Identi-Kit
- Autoradiograhy Ruler Set
- Gel Handler™
- Gel Drying Frames
- RadTape™ and RadTape Plus™
- Flow Mesh™
- Agarmate™
- Fluoro-Sheet
- Glow Writer


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Superior Sieving - Better sieving than agarose, 1 gram Synergel = 2 gram agarose.

High Resolution - Synergel / Agarose gels exhibit improved spatial separation and tighter banding for DNA fragments of 50-2000bp.

No Background Fluorescence - The superior optical clarity permits high quality photo-documentation.

Increased Load Capacity - Accommodates greater quantities of DNA reducing band tailing and smearing.

Easy To Use - Mix, boil and pour!


(A) 1.5% Synergel and 0.7% agarose (Seakem LE)        (B) 4% NuSieve Agarose (FMC)

Cat No. Description UOM
SYN-100 Agarose Additive 100g


No more guesswork - Accurately measures the mobility of electrophoretic markers and ethidium bromide-DNA complexes during electrophoresis.

Thin - At 7mm wide they require only a single lane of an agarose gel.

Fluorescent ink markings are sharp and photograph well under UV light (300nm & 350nm).

Rulers are made of flexible, UV-clear plastic so only the fluorescent markings will show under UV light.

Cat No. Description UOM
FRK-100 (2) 10cm & (2) 20cm 4 per pack


IDENTI-KIT : Non-radioactive numbers, letters and arrows for high quality images on X-ray film

Fast - Directly orient [32]-P-nucleic acid hybridized filters with film, while at the same time automatically organizing the multiple filters required to find the desired insert.

Designed specifically for use with X-Ray film.

Unique shading procedure is sharp enough so markings will not over expose, although exposure is complete in about 30 mins.

Great for autoradiography of agarose and polyacrylamide gels to provide unambiguous lane identification, along with superior presentation of data.

Cat No. Description UOM
ID-100 Identi-Kit (174 symbols) Pack

AUTORADIOGRAPHY RULER SET: Phosphorescent, Non-Radioactive Metric Rulers for Radiographs

The Autoradiography Ruler Set (ARS) is an orientation and measurement device that exposes metric ruler markings directly onto X-ray film.

Ideal - Utilizes a specially formulated phosphorescent dye compound and a unique emission filter which serves as an ideal non-radioactive substitute for ink markings.

Easy - Make easy electrophoretic mobility calculations.

Re-usable - The phosphorescent emission of each ruler can be regenerated indefinitely and can be reused any number of times.

High Resolution - Produces a high resolution image that is unaffected by intensifying screens or pre-flashed film.

Cat No. Description UOM
ARS-150 20cm Length Rulers 4 per pack


GEL HANDLER : Flexible UV Transparent Sheets for Handling Gels, Visualizing and Photo Documentation

Ideally sized 8.5" x 11" (216mm x 279mm).

Thin sheet that easily slides beneath a gel.

Flexibility of the sheet eliminates air bubbles.

Protects the transilluminator from cuts and scratches.

Polyolefin composition allows acid washing and autoclaving without a chemical reaction.

Optical densities for the 5mil thick sheets at  254 and 300nm emission wavelengths of the transilluminator are 0.14 and 0.04 respectively.

Cat No. Description UOM
GH-100 5 mil thick 10 per pack
GH-200 10 mil thick 5 per pack


Allow Researchers to quickly and easily dry gels between two sheets of cellophane without the use of expensive heat/vacuum gel dryers.

24 x 24cm frames allow for drying of larger format gels.

14 x 14cm frames allowing for drying of mini gels and other smaller formats.

Complete Kits

Cat No. Size UOM
AB-110760 14 X 14cm Kit*
AB-110761 24 x 24cm Kit*

* Each kit includes 2 open frames, 2 solid back plates, 12 side clips and 50 sheets of pre-cut cellophane


Cat No. Size UOM
AB-110762 14 x 14cm 50 per pack
AB-110763 24 x 24cm 50 per pack

RADTAPE™ and RADTAPE PLUS*™ : An Easy Way to Identify Autograms - Radiological & Chemilluminescence

Versatile - Phosphorescent, non-radioactive adhesive labels that may be cut to the specific size and shape needed for each individual membrane, dried gel or microarray.

Fast and Easy - marking system is great for documentation and archiving and ideal for chemilluminescence and radiological autography.

Use and ordinary pen to mark the label using the investigator's own codes and symbols.

Simply peel the custom label from its backing and affix it to the membrane, gel or microarray.

Permanent - exposes a negative image of the markings directly onto autorad, thus producing a permanent record of the experiment.

Cat No. Description UOM
RAD-10 RadTape; 4 x 6" sheet 10 per pack
RADP-200* RadTape Plus; 4 x 6" sheet 10 per pack


FLOW MESH™ : A Permeable Support Mesh for Gels and Membranes

Protects filters and gels from tearing, bending or folding.

1/3mm thick polypropylene mesh with 1mm strand spacings and approximately 70% void column for rapid equilibration with liquids.

Supports gels and filters during incubation with nucleic acid probes, antibody probes, equilibrium buffers, stain and destain solutions, etc.

Serves as permeable carrier and stacking spacer for one or more membranes and gels during incubations and other procedures.

Improves the uniformity of hybridization and binding assays.

Cat No. Description UOM
FM-100 8.5" x 11" (216 x 279mm) 20 per pack


AgarMate is an inert polysaccharide which when combined with agar, forms an improved gel for cell culture and general bacteriological use.  

The special properties of AgarMate reduce the inherent turbidity of conventional nutrient agar gels, thereby facilitating visualization of opalescent colonies, growth inhibition zones and lytic plaques.  Molecular association between the AgarMate galactomannan and agar polymers produces a strengthened and more elastic gel and simultaneously reduces the undesirable tendency of agar gels to release free water as the gel cools and contracts during storage.   

AgarMate has been tested in bacteriological and cell culture research and diagnostic applications by the Difco and Sigma laboratories. A wide range of gram negative and positive bacteria, bacteriophage, DNA transformed gels and eucaryotic cells (including plant cultures) have been propagated on AgarMate containing gelled media.

Cat No. Description UOM
AGM-200 Agarmate 200g



Reduces the risk of damaging expensive filters

Works with DNA or RNA gels stained with Ethidium Bromide or SYBR Green

Sharp fluorescent markings

Intended for large or small gels

The most sensitive and expensive part of the UV transilluminator is the filter glass; Filter glass is necessary to block out the visible light and UV light of undesirable wavelengths.  The surface of the filter is vulnerable to scratches and nicks. 

The Fluoro-Sheet, a UV transmittable sheet can provide reliable protection against such damages.  The Fluoro-Sheet provides two dimensional fluorescent scales in three sizes, 20 x 19 cm, 15 x 14 cm and 10 x 9 cm.  This improved versatility provides researchers a better way to assess the distance of DNA migrated in the gel, since the rate of DNA migration is not always the same on each side of the gel.

The Fluoro-Sheet is designed for UV tranilluminators of medium (300 nm) and long (365 nm) wavelengths.  NOTE: It is NOT transmittable to UV of short wavelength (260 nm)

Cat No Description UOM
FRUT-1000 10 & 15cm Gel 2 per pack
FRUT-2000 20cm Gel 2 per pack

GLOW WRITER™ - Fine-Point Phosphorescent Marking Pen for Laboratory Autography

Glow Writer is a phosphorescent pen for marking chemiluminescent and isotope-labeled substrates for X-ray film autography.  The unique marker delivers a phosphor-containing ink through a fine point porous nib.  

Before exposure to X-ray film, the phosphorescent writing is excited by room light.  A phosphor ink having an optimum concentration of phosphor and a relatively short afterglow half-life (approx. 2-3 mins) has been selected so that upon exposure to X-ray film, autographic exposures of almost any duration will be easily readable on the film.  The fine point nib is easily replaceable if it dries out.

Cat No. Description UOM
GLWR-1000 Glow Writer Pen Each
GNIB-1000 Glow Writer Replacement Nibs 4 per pack