Pipettor Accessories


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Please refer to the following for more information.



The pipettor Guide features a plastic slide guide, above the microplate, to help align your Pipettor with the microplate wells.  The sliding guide is clearly marked with column letters for fast and easy orientation.  The Guide is compatible with multi-channel pipettor.  Use with or without the 30º angled stand.  The pipettor guide is a great tool to reduce eyestrain and tedious pipetting work.

Cat No. Description UOM
GUIDE-300 For 96-well ELISA plates and 96-well PCR plates Each
GUDE-400 *New For 96-well ELISA plates and 96-well PCR plates. 

Fits two plates side by side



This unique product keeps pipettors at your fingertips.  It secures to tabletops and benches with a few turns of a large plastic screw.  It moves easily from one location to another, wherever you need it in the lab.

Cat No. Colour UOM
PCLA-1000 Assorted Colour 3 per pack
PCLB-1000 Blue Each
PCLP-1000 Purple Each
PCLR-1000 Red Each


This innovative product clamps down securely to tabletops or benches and holds most major brands of pipettors.  The Tri-Clamp provides the flexibility of housing expensive pipettors practically anywhere in the lab.  A screw on each end of the product provides a safe hold with just a few easy turns.

Cat No. Colour UOM
PTRA-3000 Assorted Colour 3 per pack
PTRB-1000 Blue Each
PTRP-1000 Purple Each
PTRR-1000 Red Each


The Pipettor Stand are made of a durable ABS plastic that guarantee last.  The stand have 6 slots that are compatible with most major brands of pipettors.  The stand is available in a variety of colours including Green, Red and Blue.

Cat No. Description UOM
PSTA-1000 Green, ABS Pipettor Stand Each
PSTA-2000 Blue, ABS Pipettor Stand Each
PSTA-3000 Red, ABS Pipettor Stand Each


Manual Pipet Racks hold 0.1ml to 25ml pipets or cans. They feature 4 angled compartments and the overall dimensions are 3.5" x 11.5" x 16".  Includes optional attachments to hold pipet bulbs and pipet fillers on both sides of the rack.  Unique "windows" on the ABS version makes the viewing of enclosed pipets easier.

Cat No. Colour UOM
PIRA-2000 ABS Plastic, Blue Each
PIRA-3000 ABS Plastic, Red Each
PIRA-4000 ABS Plastic, Green Each


The new magnetized version of the pipet storage rack features two handy attachments for holding pipet bullbs, pipet fillers and pipet pumps.  With circular magnets molded onto all four corners of each side, mounting these racks onto fume hoods, file cabinets, refrigerators, etc. is an easy process.  Constructed of a durable ABS plastic, these racks not only look better, but will also hold up better than acrylic.  It measures 290 x 85 x 410mm.

Cat No. Description UOM
PIMR-1000 Magnetized Pipet Rack, Blue Each

SMART BOTTLE™ - 1 Bottle, 2 Orientations

Two Stable Orientations - Unique angled geometry permits both diagonally and vertical access/pipetting in/out of bottle for optimal aseptic technique

Low Profile - 3 tier stacking saves shelf and bench space

Just 2 inches from neck to bottom - Sterile tip of micropipettor reaches bottom of bottle without barrel even entering the bottle

Easy Magnetic Stirring - Make up to 0.1 litre of stock solutions (makes molarity math easy) ... twice the limit of 50cc clinical tubes

Low Center of Gravity - Provides great stability against tipping

FDA Certified Virgin Polypropylene - Non-Cytotoxic and fully autoclavable bottle and cap

Easy to write on or label

Universal - For all biological uses including mixing/storing cell culture media and nuclease-free applications.  Polyproyplene also resists all caustics and organic solvents for chemical applications.

Sterilized by Gamma-irradiation - Free of all contaminants including ethylene oxide

Cat No. Description UOM
SMART-100 100ml Smart Bottle, Sterile 12/pack
SMART-200 100ml Smart Bottle, Sterile 144/case
SBRA-1000 Smart Rack, holds 12 bottles Each
SBRA-2000 Smart Rack, holds 24 bottles Each