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Methylated genomic DNA controls: Intended to serve as positive or negative controls in DNA methylation analysis, and available for human, mouse, rat, and monkey studies.
Highly methylated DNA with greater than 85% methylation and low methylated DNA with lower than 5% methylation.
These are tested on numerous gene-specific and global methylation assays using pyrosequencing technology.

Validated Bisulfite Sequencing Primers: Over 7000+ Off-the-Shelf Validated Assays and Primer Sets for Bisulfite Sequencing, DNA Methylation Analysis and Mutation Analysis for Human, Mouse, Rat, Monkey and more.

Quality Assurance: Assay conditions are validated with quantitative Pyrosequencing methylation technology to ensure that methylated and unmethylated DNA are amplified at the same efficiency. Complete primer sets and assay conditions are provided, optimised for bisulfite sequencing and other DNA methylation applications such as COBRA and HRM real-time PCR.

Validated Methylation Assay Panels for Sequencing (available as Kits or Services): Currently available panels include FOX3, Cancer, Stem Cell, Immunology and BDNF Panels.

Custom Panel Option: Send in custom target regions with your genes of interest and receive a validated panel of assays tailor-made to your research interests.

About EpigenDx: EpigenDx, a company incorporated in 2006 in Massachusetts, US, is a genomic and epigenomic research company specializing in disease biomarker discoveryvalidation and molecular diagnosis, with an unmatched expertise in the field of DNA methylation analysis. EpigenDx has extensive knowledge and expertise in Pyrosequencingtargeted Next-Gen Sequencingbisulfite sequencing, and various epigenomic research analysis techniques and methods stemming from their years of experience in the industry.