Affinity Reagents


Affinity reagents and affinity-based tools utilize complex networks of specific interactions between various molecules for use in the separation, purification or analysis of proteins. Affinity purification requires an affinity ligand to be coupled to a matrix, which allows capture of the intended product from a complex mixture. Gold Biotechnology’s affinity reagents are activated beads or preactivated resins for use in coupling of affinity ligands and immobilization. Our affinity beads are specifically engineered to meet your specialized needs, whether it be laboratory scale experiments or industry scale separations. GoldBio’s agarose beads are conveniently cross-linked to include any of the following: aminoethyl or glyoxal groups, glutathione S-transferase, Protein A, Protein G, streptavidin and His-tag metal ions such as nickel, cobalt, copper or zinc.

Aminoethyl Agarose Beads
Glyoxal Agarose Beads
GST Purification
High Throughput Chromatography
Chromatography Columns
His-tag Purification
NTA Resins
Protein A
Protein G
Streptavidin Agarose Resin