Newly Added Growth Factors


Growth factors and stem cell reagents have an important role in cancer and developmental research. GoldBio’s growth factors have continued to explode on the marketplace, which is why they are so excited to announce that they are expanding this product line! Currently, more than 100 new growth factors have been added to their pre-existing list, and they plan to add more throughout the year.So stay tuned for more great offers!

They have added new EGFs, PDGFs, Cytokines, FGFs, Interleukins, and Neurotrophic factors as well as a completely new category: Interferons. These additions were based on your feedback and requests and they’re excited that they can provide you with even more of the products they need at the same great rates that GoldBio has been providing for years!



The FGF family of proteins is one of the largest polypeptide growth factor families in the animal kingdom, found in organisms ranging from nematodes to humans. FGFs are involved with embryonic development, angiogenesis, wound healing, metabolic regulation and cancer. GoldBio’s selection of growth factors includes 25 FGFs, with the line continuing to grow. Among the newly added FGFs are FGF4, FGF13, FGF19 and FGF21.


Interleukins are a large family of cytokines which are soluble hormone-like mediators of the immune system. They involved in processes of cell activation, cell differentiation, proliferation and cell-to-cell interactions. The expression of interleukins is strictly regulated. For example, the factors are often not secreted constitutively. GoldBio offers a large catalog of interleukins, with new additions: IL1A, IL1RN, IL2 Cys141Ser, IL5, IL8, IL9,IL17B, IL21 and IL36B.


Neurotrophic factors are involved in many roles of the CNS beyond growth and development. They are responsible for the maintenance and survival of neurons and have been the subject of extensive research. There is continued interest in the research of potential neurotrophic factor therapies, which may help treat Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and other neurodegenerative disorders. GoldBio offers high-quality recombinant neurotrophic factors. Our newest additions to the line include CDNF, CNTF, GMFB, MANF, MDK, NRG1-alpha, NRG1-beta1, NRG1-beta2, NRN1, PSPN and PTN.


Interferons are a family of cytokine proteins that play an important role in modulating immune response. They are secreted in response to viruses and other pathogens, triggering such responses that prevent viral replication, activation immune cells, inhibit cell division and affect cell differentiation. There are three classes of interferons: Type I, Type II and Type III IFN which relate to the type of receptor through which the IFN signal. GoldBio is excited to offer a variety of each IFN of each type, including: IFN-alpha1A, IFN-alpha1B, IFN-alpha2A, IFN-alpha2B, IFN-beta1B, IFN-gamma, IFN-lambda1, IFN-lambda2, IFN-lambda3 and IFN-omega1.