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Innovative design saves space in your freezer!
Our externally-threaded vial with a fl ush cap design allows you to easily fi ll up all standard-sized cryogenic storage boxes including the 10 x 10 format. Using True North® Cryogenic Vials can increase your freezers holding capacity by up to 23% against other major brands.

  • Superior puncture- and rupture-resistance polypropylene with silicon lid seal
  • Patented ergonomic lid has 1.5 twist to open and close (US Patent No. D595424)
  • Printed writing area and graduations
  • Available with color-coded lids (2.0 mL version)
  • Inner resealable packs of 50 vials, complete with traceable sterility certifi cate
  • Recommended for mechanical freezers and vapor phase LN2 (-196°)
  • Sterile, non-pyrogenic and non-cytotoxic
  • 2.0 mL vial measures 13 mm dia x 49 mm H, 4.0 mL 13 mm dia x 88 mm H
  • Disposable