DNA in vitro - jetPRIME™


If you routinely perform transient gene expression studies and/or gene silencing by RNA interference, the new powerful jetPRIME™ is the reagent for you!

Transfection with this versatile reagent requires low quantities of nucleic acid and small amounts of reagent. Therefore, jetPRIME™ is both gentle to cells and economical. A simple and convenient protocol ensures that it’s easy to scale up or scale down.


  • Outstanding DNA transfection efficiency
  • Economical: less DNA and less reagent needed
  • Better cell viability
  • Excellent gene silencing
  • Cotransfection of DNA & siRNA
  • shRNA and miRNA plasmid transfection
  • Convenient protocol


Catalog Number Description

jetPRIME kit 0.1 ml of jetPRIME + 5 ml of jetPRIME buffer


jetPRIME kit 0.75 ml of jetPRIME + 40 ml of jetPRIME buffer


jetPRIME kit 1.5 ml of jetPRIME + 2 x (40 ml of jetPRIME buffer)


jetPRIME kit 5 x (1.5 ml of jetPRIME) + 1 x 55 ml of jetPRIME buffer 10x (conc.)


jetPRIME kit 5 x (1.5 ml of jetPRIME) + 1 x 120 ml of jetPRIME buffer 5x (conc.)

1.5 ml is sufficient to perform ca.375 transfections in 6-well plates. Bulk quantities are available upon request

Contact us for a trial size of jetPRIME™ DNA & siRNA transfection reagent. Special offer with your first order of jetPRIME™!

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