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Molecular Biology Reagents


1st BASE launches their range of Molecular Biology Reagents with new products and more product enhancements.

High Performance PCR Reagents

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Taq DNA Polymerase (recombinant), 500U


dNTP Mix, 10mM each, 1.0ml


dNTP Set, 100mM, 4 X 0.25ml

Products for DNA Electrophoresis 

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100bp DNA Ladder, Ready-To-Use, 50ug


100bp DNA Ladder, Ready-To-Use, 100ug


1kb DNA Ladder, Ready-To-Use, 50ug


1kb DNA Ladder, Ready-To-Use, 100ug


6X DNA Loading Dye, 3-Colour, 6 X 1ml


DNA Stain, 1ml


Prestained Protein Ladder

Broad range protein ladder with an Orange reference band at ~75kDa and a Green reference band at ~25kDa

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Prestained Protein Ladder, 3-Colour, 250ul


Prestained Protein Ladder, 3-Colour, 500ul

Nanovex Pronanosome Series




Nanovex Pronanosome Series


    View the Nanovex Catalogue here

Our standard Pronanosomes are formulated to obtain niosomes or liposomes able to encapsulate different 
compounds and to be used in multiple applications.

Our intracellular delivery Pronanosomes are formulated to obtain niosomes or liposomes able 
to deliver the encapsulated drug intracellularly.

Our controlled delivery Pronanosomes are formulated to obtain nanovesicles able to control the 
delivery of the encapsulated drug with the temperature or pH.

Our Pronanosomes BBB and dermal are formulated to obtain nanovesicles able to vehiculate
compounds through the BBB or through the skin, respectiv

All our Pronanosomes can be ordered with other extra characteristics shown above (From 1 to 4 simultaneously) to suit the needs of our customers.

All our Pronanosomes can be ordered with other extra  characteristics shown above (From 1 to 4 simultaneously)  to suit the needs of our customers.





RNAGEM – Extraction of RNA from mammalian cell culture


RNAGem™ tissue RNA extraction kits feature a new formulation of enzymatic technologies that uses a single-tube process to provide complete extraction of RNA. This includes smaller RNA molecules such as noncoding RNA and microRNA that may be excluded by other RNA extraction methods. The RNAGem kits deliver high molecular weight RNA and good transcriptome profiles. They are suitable for complete gene-expression and noncoding RNA analyses.

Feature / Benefits:

  • Takes less than 10 minutes from start to finish, including handling time
  • Requires a single 5 minute incubation
  • Does not use GITC, phenol, chloroform or isopropanol
  • Delivers linear yields of total Nucleic Acid from 1 to 105 cells
  • Delivers linearity that is matched between high and low copy genes
  • Does not discriminate RNA molecules based on size

Kit Components of RNAGEM™ Tissue

  • RNAGEM enzyme
  • 10 x SILVER buffer
  • 10 x TE storage buffer
  • QuickStart Guide

Smooth Muscle Cells (7 Types)


Lifeline Now has 7 Different Types of Normal Human Smooth Muscle Cells! 

Lifeline’s Smooth Muscle Cells and VascuLife SMC Media have been cited in 12 recent publications.
See our Reference Page for more information

Get better results with Lifeline's Superior Normal Human Smooth Muscle Cells

Lifeline’s Smooth Muscle Cells are isolated from the Aorta, the Pulmonary Artery, the Coronary Artery, from Bronchial Tracheal tissue, from the Lungs, from the Bladder, and from the Uterus. Each smooth muscle cell product demonstrates excellent morphology and growth in our fully optimized VascuLife SMC Media

When Lifeline's Human Smooth Muscle Cells are grown in VascuLife SMC optimized medium, our cell growth far exceeds the competition. Lifeline's Human Smooth Muscle Cell Systems provide an ideal low serum (5%) culture system, ideal for the study of: Angiogenesis; Atherosclerosis; Diabetes; Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension; Asthma; and Bladder Disorders and Uterine Contractibility Studies 

Lifeline's Smooth Muscle Cell Systems
Human Uterine Smooth Muscle Cell Systems, (HUtSMC) 
Human Aortic Smooth Muscle Cells, (HAoSMC) 
Human Pulmonary Artery Smooth Muscle Cells, (HPASMC) 
Human Coronary Artery Smooth Muscle Cells, (HCASMC) 
Human Lung Smooth Muscle Cells, (HLSMC) 
Bronchial/Tracheal Smooth Muscle Cells, (HBTSMC)
Human Bladder Smooth Muscle Cells, (HBSMC) 
VascuLife SMC Complete Kit 
FrostaLife Cryopreservation Solution ; 100mL 
TrypKit , 100mL