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Product Description Brand
Phospho-Specific Antibodies Signalway Antibody Co Ltd
Pipet Tips Biologix Research Company
Pipette Tips BioPointe Scientific
Pipette Tips - Filter Tips USA Scientific
Pipette Tips - Racks and Reloads USA Scientific
Pipette Tips - Stacks and Bulk Bags USA Scientific
Pipettor Accessories Diversified Biotech
Pipettor Accessories USA Scientific
Pituitary Hormones Fitzgerald
Plant Tissue Culture Media Phytotechnology Labs
Plasmid DNA Extraction Favorgen
Plastic Consumables Favorgen
Platelets and Hemostasis Reagents Meridian Life Science
Polyclonal Antibodies ProSpec-Tany TechnoGene Ltd
Polyclonal Antibodies Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc
Polyclonal Antibodies Abnova
Polycomb Complex Antibodies
Precision Balances BEL Engineering
Premade stable cells GenTarget
prepGEM – Bacteria, Blood, Blood Storage Card, Fungi, Insect, Saliva, Saliva Storage Card, Tissue ZyGEM
Prestained Protein Ladders Gene-DireX
Primary and Secondary Antibodies
Primary Antibodies Cusabio Biotech
Primary Antibodies GeneTex
Primary Antibodies MaxVision Biosciences Inc.
Primary Antibodies ProSci
Primary Monoclonal Antibodies Bioworld Technology
Primary Polyclonal Antibodies Bioworld Technology
Product Inserts Alpaqua Engineering
Product link 2018 Haematologic Technologies