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Product Description Brand
qPCR & RT-qPCR Extraction Controls Bioline
qPCR Cycler Check™ Minerva Biolabs
Rabbit Monoclonal Antibodies
Racks Heathrow Scientific LLC
Ready-to-Use DNA Ladders Gene-DireX
Reagent Reservoirs Diversified Biotech
Reagent Reservoirs USA Scientific
Reagents GenWay Biotech
Reagents Biomedal
Real-time PCR Toyobo
Real-Time PCR Genotyping Bioline
Real-Time PCR Instrumentation Bioline
Receptors & Transporters Assay Biotechnology
Recombinant Proteins Gene-DireX
Recombinant Proteins ProSpec-Tany TechnoGene Ltd
Recombinant Proteins
Recombinant Proteins ProSci
Recombinant proteins Aviva Systems Biology
Recombinant Proteins Bioworld Technology
Recombinant Proteins (600+)
Recombinant Proteins (600+)
Recombinent Proteins Creative BioMart
Red Blood Cells Fitzgerald
Reducing Agents Gold Biotechnology
Reference Serum
Refrigerators and Freezers BIOBASE
ReliaBLOT® IP/Western Blot Accessory Kit
Renal cell systems Lifeline Cell Technology
Research Areas Bethyl Laboratories, Inc.
Research Reagents and Kits GeneTex