Products Listing

Product Description Brand
Centrifuge/Vortex CM-70M series ELMI
Centrifuges CM-6 series ELMI
Chain Rack Heathrow Scientific LLC
Channel Assay Biotechnology
Chemical Reference Material Fitzgerald
Chemokines ProSpec-Tany TechnoGene Ltd
Chimera RNA interference (chimera RNAi) Abnova
Chromatrap® Your Chromatin!
Chromogen/Substrate Solution Nichirei Corporation
Chromogens MaxVision Biosciences Inc.
Classic Labeling Dyes AAT Bioquest
Cleaved-specific Assay Biotechnology
Clinical Specimens ZeptoMetrix
CloneStable™ for bacterial DNA Biomatrica, Inc.
CloneStabTM to store and ship live E.coli samples Biomatrica, Inc.
Cloning Bioline
Cloning & Expression InvivoGen
Cloning & Gene Analysis Toyobo
Cloning Induction & Expression Gold Biotechnology
Co-mix Laboratory Mixer and Shaker ViTL
Coated Plates Express Biotech International
Collagen Biocolor Ltd
Collagen and Extracellular Matrix Meridian Life Science
CometAssay Trevigen
Common reagents GenTarget
Consumables Covaris
Control cell lysates Aviva Systems Biology
ConviFlex™ DNAmp Mix Minerva Biolabs
Core Reagents Bioline
Corneal Epithelial cell systems Lifeline Cell Technology