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Product Description Brand
ConviFlex™ DNAmp Mix Minerva Biolabs
Core Reagents Bioline
Corneal Epithelial cell systems Lifeline Cell Technology
Cosmeceutical Research Kits Zen-Bio
Covaris Adaptive Focused Acoustic Products - S-series, E-series, L-series and C-series Covaris
Covaris CryoPrep™ Covaris
Covaris E-series Covaris
Covaris L-series Covaris
Covaris M-series Covaris
Covaris M-series Covaris
Covaris S-series Covaris
CpG-ODNs: TLR9 Ligands InvivoGen
Crosslinkers AAT Bioquest
Cryogenics Heathrow Scientific LLC
Cryopreservation Solutions Lifeline Cell Technology
Custom antibody services
Custom antibody services
Custom products and services Lifeline Cell Technology
Customizable Tube Racks Heathrow Scientific LLC
Cycler Check™ Minerva Biolabs
CytoDYNAMIX™ Screens Cytoskeleton
Cytokines Bioworld Technology
Cytokines and Growth Factor PBL Assay Science
Cytokines and Growth Factors ProSpec-Tany TechnoGene Ltd
Cytokines and Growth Factors Meridian Life Science
Cytoskeletal Assay Biotechnology
Cytoskeletal Filaments and Interstitial Proteins Meridian Life Science
Cytoskeleton Motor Werks™ Cytoskeleton
D-Luciferin Gold Biotechnology
Deep freezer