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Category Product No Product Description
Dulbecco′s Modified Eagle′s Medium Low Glucose 08456-65 DMEM(1.0g/l Glucose) with L-Gln and Sodium Pyruvate
08490-05 DMEM(1.0g/l Glucose) with Sodium Pyruvate, without L-Gln and Phenol Red
Dulbecco′s Modified Eagle′s Medium High Glucose 08458-45 DMEM(4.5g/l Glucose) with L-Gln and Sodium Pyruvate
08459-35 DMEM(4.5g/l Glucose) with L-Gln, without Sodium Pyruvate
11584-85 DMEM(4.5g/l Glucose) with Sodium Pyruvate, without L-Gln
08488-55 DMEM(4.5g/l Glucose) without L-Gln and Sodium Pyruvate
08489-45 DMEM(4.5g/l Glucose) without L-Gln, Sodium Pyruvate and Phenol Red
11585-75 DMEM(4.5g/l Glucose) with HEPES, without L-Gln and Sodium Pyruvate
16972-45 DMEM(4.5g/l Glucose) Calcium free without L-Gln and Sodium Pyruvate
Dulbecco′s Modified Eagle′s Medium No Glucose 09891-25 DMEM(No Glucose) with L-Gln, without Sodium Pyruvate
Dulbecco′s Modified Eagle′s Medium/Ham's F12 Nutrient Mixture 08460-95 DMEM/Ham's F-12 with L-Gln, Sodium Pyruvate and HEPES
11581-15 DMEM/Ham's F-12 with L-Gln and Sodium Pyruvate, without HEPES
11582-05 DMEM/Ham's F-12 with L-Gln and Sodium Pyruvate, without HEPES and Phenol Red
09893-05 DMEM/Ham's F-12(No Glucose) with L-Gln and Sodium Pyruvate
Ham's F12 Nutrient Mixture 17458-65 Ham's F-12 with L-Gln
RPMI 1640 30263-95 RPMI 1640 Medium with L-Gln and 25mM HEPES
30264-85 RPMI 1640 Medium with L-Gln, 500ml
09892-15 RPMI 1640 (No Glucose) with L-Gln
06261-65 RPMI 1640 with L-Gln, without Phenol Red
Minimum Essential Media 21442-25 MEM with Earle's Salts and L-Gln
21443-15 MEM with Earle's Salts, L-Gln and Non-Essential Amino Acids
Iscove's Modified Dulbecco's Medium 11506-05 IMDM with L-Gln and HEPES

Category Product No. Product Description
Dulbecco's Phosphate-Buffered Saline 14249-95 D-PBS(-) without Ca and Mg
11482-15 D-PBS(-) without Ca and Mg, 10X
Hank's Balanced Salt Solution 17461-05 HBSS(-) without Ca, Mg and Phenol Red
09735-75 HBSS(+) with Ca, Mg, without Phenol Red

Product No Product Description
06141-35 30%-Acrylamide/Bis Mixed Solution(29:1)
06144-05 30%-Acrylamide/Bis Mixed Solution(37.5:1)
07175-75 30%-Acrylamide/Bis Mixed Solution(19:1)
06119-45 40%-Acrylamide/Bis Mixed Solution(29:1)
06121-95 40%-Acrylamide/Bis Mixed Solution(37.5:1)
06140-45 40%-Acrylamide/Bis Mixed Solution(19:1)



Featured Products


Protein Research

Catergory Product No. Description
Cell Extraction/ Protein Assay 07575-51

Phosphatase Inhibitor Cocktail (EDTA free), 1ml

Better inhibition!


Protease Inhibitor Cocktail for Use with Mammalian Cell and Tissue Extracts, 5 x 1ml

Liquid form 100x. No more dissolving step!

07663-91 Zymolyase(R)-20T (from Arthrobacter luteus), 1g
Protein Electrophoresis 13080-44

Bullet PAGE One Precast Gel, 5-15%

Complete the run in just 10mins!

04543-51 CBB Stain One (Ready To Use), 1L

Sample Buffer Solution with Reducing Reagent(6x) for SDS-PAGE, 5ml

No more 2-Mercaptoethanol!


WIDE RANGE Gel Preparation Buffer(4x) for PAGE, 250ml

Create Gradient-like gel now without the need for pre-cast gels!

Western Blot 04362-34 Anti-c-Myc(Mouse IgG1-κ), Monoclonal(MC045), AS, 200ug
04404-84 Anti-GFP(Rat IgG2a), Monoclonal(GF090R), CC, 200ug

Signal Enhancer HIKARI for Western Blotting and ELISA (50ml), 1 set

Improve your blot results with the existing abs!

31149-75 Skim Milk, 500G
05364-55 WB Stripping Solution, 500ml


Cell Culture

Product No. Description
12679-54 Accutase (TM), 100ml
07296-11 Hygromycin B, 90%(HPLC), 1g
07579-24 Cell Reservoir One (without DMSO), 100ml
Freezing Media without the toxic DMSO!
12878-86 Insulin, Human, Recombinant expressed in Yeast, Animal-Free, 50mg


Biochemicals & Reagents

Product No. Description
17110-11 Glycogen Solution (20mg/ml) from Oyster, Nuclease tested, 1ml
30260-54 RNase Inhibitor, 2500 units
08402-55 Chloroform, ≧99.0%(GC) Purity, 500ml
19004-35 Imidazole, 99%(T) Purity, 500g
17017-93 Glycerol, ≧97.0%(GC) Purity, 3L
21623-26 MES [2-(N-Morpholino)ethanesulfonic Acid], 250g
09154-85 4%-Paraformaldehyde Phosphate Buffer Solution, 500ml
09147-14 RNase Quiet, 475ml
And more

Product No. Description

COSMOSIL Cholester Packed Column, 20mmI.D.x 250mm

Increased your stereoselectivity!

02485-81 COSMOSIL 5C18-PAQ Packed Column, 4.6mmI.D. x 250mm
37982-81 COSMOSIL(R) Buckyprep Packed Column 20mmI.D.x250mm, 1PKG
34374-41 COSMOSIL(R) Buckyprep Guard Column 20mmI.D.x50mm, 1PKG